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Mocotó is a restaurant of "sertaneja" food restaurant located in Vila Medeiros, in the north of São Paulo. It was founded as a house in the north, in 1973, by José de Almeida and is now managed by his son, Rodrigo Oliveira. Here, traditional country cuisine meets the innovative proposal by Rodrigo.

Among its main concepts it is the inclusiveness. An experience for everyone, in a restaurant that welcomes the most different palates, social and cultural levels. A kitchen that, as Rodrigo Oliveira defines, “It is made with the eyes on the world and the feet grounded in ‘Sertão’.”

Recognition of the work came from different directions. It ranked 23rd on the list of the best restaurants in Latin America by the British magazine Restaurant (2021), received the Bib Gourmand seal by the Michelin Guide and the award for the best restaurant in the world in the “no reservation required” category by the World Restaurant Awards in 2019.

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She was born in Santo André. She studied history and did a Master Degree to study the Brazil food habits. She fell in love with the subject and started working with gastronomy. Today she is doing a PhD and taking care of our communication.


He's from São Paulo. He always liked to cook for family and friends, but he still wasn't seeing it as a profession. He worked in sales for many years and decided to change careers. The passion for the kitchen spoke louder and he joined the Gastronomy course. Right after, he started an internship at Mocotó. After passing through several sectors he identified himself with the confectionery. He started studying about the area and has a lot of interest in the world of chocolate. Today he is our pastry chef.


From the north of São Paulo, he learned to cook when he served in the Brazilian Air Force. He took a liking to the activity and joined a technical course in cooking. In 2012, he started an internship at Mocotó and in a few months he became a cook. In the meantime, he studied Gastronomy at FMU. He became sous-chef and head chef of the house. Always interested in having new experiences, he started working in the events sector of the house. For him, the greatest satisfaction is seeing happy and surprised customers. Today he is our event chef.


He graduated in Gastronomy at Anhembi Morumbi. When he was little, he loved to stay in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother, and there he became interested in the world of pans. During graduation, he started researching Brazilian cuisine and fell in love with the work of chef Rodrigo Oliveira. The first internship was at Esquina Mocotó and soon after, he went to Balaio IMS. He became in charge of the production kitchen of the house on Av. Paulista. Today, he is in Vila Medeiros and as our creation cook is responsible for the control and quality of Mocotó.


Cearense, from Amontada, in the interior of the state and came with his mother to São Paulo when he was 3 years old. He joined the Air Force where he started taking care of kitchen logistics. From there he moved to Mocotó and is now responsible for our purchasing department.


He was born in Lagoa do Itaenga, in the state of Pernambuco. He came to São Paulo at the age of 20 and he went straight to a food distributor. He has started at Mocotó as an extra worker during the weekends washing the glasses. Today he is our sub-chef and runs the kitchen together with the chef Rodrigo Oliveira.


Native of Vila Medeiros. He had done Tourism college and he is a post-graduated Master in Gastronomy Management. He had worked with events and administration. He has started at the Mocotó in 2004 in the hall, when everything was still small. Today he is our manager and partner.


He was born in Palmeiras dos Índios, Alagoas. He came to São Paulo with 17 years old and had worked as a mason's helper and also in a musical instruments factory. He has started at Mocotó cleaning in 2006 and today he commands the production kitchen.


She is from São Paulo, graduated in Gastronomy, Accounting Sciences and postgraduated in Financial Controlling. For a while, she had worked in the kitchen but chose to follow as a career the management of numbers and people. In 2012 she started at Mocotó, where she is until today as a financial manager.

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He was born in 1938 in Mulungu, in the State of Pernambuco. He arrived in São Paulo at the age of 25. He had worked in several places until 1973. In this year, in partnership with two brothers, he opened the store Irmãos Almeida. This business is the forerunner of Mocotó and Seu Zé was the beginning of everything.

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Rodrigo Oliveira is 43 years old, the son of pernambucanos and a cook. For almost 20 years, he has been in charge of the house that tells the story of his family, Mocotó. He won numerous national and international awards, was for years on the list of the 50th Best Latin America of the English magazine The Restaurant Magazine.

Inaugurated Mocotó Café in Mercado de Pinheiros and Mocotó no D, a restaurant inside Shopping D. Launched the book “Mocotó - the father, the son and the restaurant” and the Balaio IMS, inside the Instituto Moreira Salles, on Avenida Paulista. In 2023, he opened a new Mocotó unit in Vila Leopoldina.




Make your party with our people, in our space or wherever you prefer!

Receptions, cocktails, birthdays, weddings, corporate events. We take a piece of our ground into any context. Chef Rodrigo Oliveira's kitchen, our bar and Mocotó's way of welcoming you wherever you are.


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+55 (0xx11) 2951 3056

Vila Medeiros:
MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 12pm to 11pm
SATURDAY: 11:30am to 11pm
SUNDAY: 11:30am to 5pm

Shopping D:
EVERYDAY: 12pm às 9pm

Vila Leopoldina:
SUNDAY: 12pm to 4pm

(11) 2951-3056 Ramal4
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